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We believe medical cannabis should be easily accessible, reliable, widely understood, and integrated into medical practice

A trusted brand in the medical cannabis market

Montu Group is a leading medical cannabis company with operations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. We facilitate patient access to medical cannabis through education, quality products and personalised service. Our team is committed to improve the lives of millions of patients, as laws and regulations evolve across international markets.


We are supporting the medical community to better understand the emerging medical cannabis field and its vast range of treatment areas.

Our main focus is to remove obstacles and enable a simplified and reliable access pathway to high-quality products.

As a result, we build deep relations and trusted clinical support structures to ensure the successful integration of medical cannabis into medical practice.


We have established international partnerships to remain at the forefront of market developments, including product innovation, regulatory changes, trends and latest research.

Leveraging our expertise to rapidly expand across markets, we are well positioned to capture the growing international opportunity as markets are opening up.

Early on, we are building a global support structure for the emerging medical cannabis markets of the future.


Our team is led by experienced executives with a deep understanding of the medical industry.

We have significant experience in scaling global businesses in a fast paced environment.

We are operating with a long-term time horizon and remain focussed on facilitating the best outcomes for patients.


Dedicated to offering high-quality formulated products

Montu Group is offering the highest quality of medical-grade cannabis and cannabis-based medicines to patients through the Circle brand. As cultivation facilities are emerging across the world, we take a global approach to sourcing the best ingredients and analyse local markets to define tailored formulations to meet patients' needs. The company's team is committed to drive Montu's future growth as a leading international supplier of medicinal quality cannabis flowers and oil extracts, grown and processed to the highest quality standards.

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Well positioned to capture the global opportunity ahead

Montu is operating across a growing number of markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. We manage extensive distribution networks in each local market and utilise our expertise to rapidly expand into emerging medical cannabis markets as laws and regulations evolve. Germany and Australia are the largest growth markets outside of North America, with rapidly increasing patient numbers month-on-month.



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United Kingdom 

Montu Group UK Ltd

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New Zealand

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"Cannabis is now legal for medical purposes in 44 global countries; this number is increasing month by month. It is, in my view, the most exciting medical development of the early 21st century."

Prof. Michael Barnes - MD FRCP, Honorary Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation

Medical cannabis is the fastest growing market in the world 

Global sentiment is changing at a rapid pace. Medical cannabis has been legalised in more than 44 countries across the world over recent years, unlocking a huge market potential. We are at the beginning of a fundamental shift that will see an increased utilisation of cannabis in the medical context. 

Changing Legislation Globally

+USD80Bn International Market

Rapidly Growing Demand

Vast Medical Benefits

Experienced management team with a clear vision

The Montu Group team is uniquely positioned to lead the growing medical cannabis market. We are comprised of a strong management team with significant experience in scaling global businesses in a fast paced environment, which is supported by an exceptional team of experts in the field of medical cannabis. Our focussed approach to the market allows us to act swiftly and optimise execution strategies tailored to each market.

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The future is inevitable. Medical cannabis has a valid place in medical practice, and we are providing doctors and patients with the tools to access it. 

Join us in the healthcare revolution

Montu is a growth-oriented company with opportunities in a diverse set of roles at our various office locations. We are looking for ambitious, self-motivated individuals and encourage applicants to seek a position that fits their experience and interests. Montu offers the opportunity to grow and develop your career in an exciting and dynamic organisation.

If you are interested in joining the Montu team, please send your resume to: