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Creating the future of cannabis today.

We believe cannabis should be easily accessible, reliable, widely understood, and integrated into modern healthcare

Leaders in cannabis care.

Montu is a leading cannabis company with operations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. We facilitate access to cannabis through locally integrated ecosystems that streamline the patient experience from end-to-end, and set new standards in Cannabis Care. Our team is committed to improve the lives of millions of people through cannabis therapies, as laws and regulations evolve across international markets.

What we do

Our main focus is to remove obstacles and enable a simplified and reliable access pathway to high-quality cannabis products.

We are supporting the medical community to better understand the emerging medical cannabis field and its vast range of treatment areas.

We have established international and local partnerships to remain at the forefront of market developments, including product innovation, regulatory changes, trends and latest research.

Early on, we are building a global support structure for the emerging cannabis markets of the future.

We are operating with a long-term time horizon and remain focussed on facilitating the best healthcare outcomes.


A global USD100Bn+ market opportunity is unfolding.

The era of cannabis prohibition is coming to an end. After the US and Canada, a global shift in sentiment has started. Medical cannabis has already been legalised in more than 50 countries across the world over recent years, unlocking a huge market potential. Legalisation opens a new chapter in healthcare with access to safer and healthier medication, and ultimately the road to a wellness and recreational market. As a result, cannabis is the fastest growing market in the world with its transformational years still ahead.

Changing Legislation Globally

USD100Bn+     Market Opportunity

Rapidly Growing Demand

Vast Medical Benefits


Well positioned to capture the global opportunity ahead.

Montu is operating across a growing number of markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. We manage extensive networks in each local market and utilise our expertise to rapidly expand into emerging cannabis markets as laws and regulations evolve. Germany and Australia are currently the largest growth markets outside of North America, with rapidly increasing patient numbers month-on-month.



Montu Therapeutics GmbH

Schaperstraße 18

10719 Berlin



Montu Group Pty Ltd

1 Nicholson Street

Melbourne, VIC 3002


United Kingdom 

Montu Group UK Ltd

160 City Road

London EC1V 2NX

United Kingdom

New Zealand

Montu Group NZ Ltd

188 Quay Street


New Zealand


The future is inevitable. Cannabis has a valid place in modern healthcare, and we are providing people with reliable access pathways. 

Join the healthcare revolution.

Montu is a growth-oriented company with opportunities in a diverse set of roles at our various office locations. We are looking for ambitious, self-motivated individuals and encourage applicants to seek a position that fits their experience and interests. Montu offers the opportunity to grow and develop your career in an exciting and dynamic organisation.

If you are interested in joining the Montu team, please send your resume to:

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